Corythucha ciliata Say, 1832

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English Sycamore lace bug Status LU: established. 1st record: 2010.
Lëtzebuergesch Platanen-Netzwanz Status Eur.: established.
Français Tigre du platane RA: ISEIA: C3. Harmonia+: n/a.
Deutsch Platanen-Netzwanze Wikipedia: Wikipedia - English - Sycamore lace bug Wikipedia - Français - Tigre du platane Wikipedia - Deutsch - Platanen-Netzwanze | Wikispecies: n/a (2020) | CABI
Nederlands n/a Back to the list of invertebrates

Report the species

Report Corythucha ciliata to the National Museum of Natural History.

Brief description

Platanen-Netzwanze (Corythucha ciliata)Corythucha ciliata Say, 1832 is a species of lace bug in the family Tingidae that is associated with sycamore trees. It originates in the New World, but has been introduced and has spread in Europe. It is a small, whitish insect and feeds on the underside of the leaves, sucking sap. In Europe, C. ciliata was first observed in 1964 in Padova, Italy, and has since spread throughout Southern and Central Europe, infesting the European hybrid plane (Platanus × acerifolia). Although it does not of itself kill trees, in Central Europe it is often found in association with two plant-pathogenic fungi which can kill trees, Apiognomonia veneta and Ceratocystis fimbriata, leading to the hypothesis that it may act as a vector for these fungi (Wikipedia contributors 2019).

Status and distribution in Luxembourg

Records of Corythucha ciliata Say, 1832 in Luxembourg. Data source: Recorder-Lux, iNaturalist & GBIF, 2024-05-22.

Corythucha ciliata Say, 1832 is considered widespread in Luxembourg. The sycamore lace bug was first observed in Luxembourg by Svenja Christian in 2010 in Wasserbillig. Schneider & Christian (2013) list 14 localities where the species occurred in 2012, while 17 observations are documented in the portal (MNHNL, iNaturalist & GBIF 2020).

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol

C3 (3+1+1+1) (Ries et al. 2017: 68).

Harmonia+ protocol

Not assessed yet.

Worldwide distribution


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