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Neomyceta are fungi species which are non-native to a geographical region, and were introduced in recent history. The term is derived from the Greek neo = new and mykês = fungi. Fungi species are defined as neomyceta if they have been introduced after 1492, when Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World and the Columbian Exchange 1 began.

List of invasive alien fungi relevant for Luxembourg

Originally compiled for assessments after the ISEIA protocol, this list mentions the invasive alien fungi present in Luxembourg and/or occurring and creating problems in at least one of the three adjacent EU member states. It is updated when new species appear. This list will provide a basis for the establishment of a national list of invasive alien species of Luxembourg concern pursuant to Article 12(1) of the EU Regulation 1143/2014 on Invasive Alien Species.

Species Family ISEIA 2 LU-lists EU-list 3
Aphanomyces astaci Schikora, 1906 Leptolegniaceae not ass.    
Clathrus archeri (Berk.) Dring Phallaceae not ass.    
Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (T. Kowalski) Baral, Queloz, Hosoya Ascomycota B3 Watch  

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