Black List

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The Black List enumerates invasive alien species that currently have or are expected to have a high spread potential in Luxembourg based on current knowledge. In addition, damages are high and confirmed in the sectors of biodiversity, health and/or economy. Occurrence and spread of these species must be prevented.

Species Family Tax. group ISEIA1 EU-list2
Corbicula fluminalis Corbiculidae Mollusca A2  
Corbicula fluminea Corbiculidae Mollusca A2  
Cydalima perspectalis Crambidae Insecta A1  
Dikerogammarus villosus Gammaridae Crustacea A1  
Dreissena polymorpha Dreissenidae Mollusca A2  
Egeria densa Hydrocharitaceae Vascular plants A1  
Elodea canadensis Hydrocharitaceae Vascular plants A3  
Elodea nuttallii Hydrocharitaceae Vascular plants A3 2017
Fallopia japonica Polygonaceae Vascular plants A3  
Heracleum mantegazzianum Apiaceae Vascular plants A3 2017
Impatiens glandulifera Balsaminaceae Vascular plants A3 2017
Myocastor coypus Echimyidae Mammalia A1 2016
Neogobius kessleri Gobiidae Pisces A2  
Neogobius melanostomus Gobiidae Pisces A2  
Pacifastacus leniusculus Astacidae Crustacea A3 2016
Pinus nigra Pinaceae Vascular plants A1  
Potamopyrgus antipodarium Hydrobiidae Mollusca A3  
Robinia pseudoacacia Fabaceae Vascular plants A3  
Solidago canadensis Asteraceae Vascular plants A2  
Solidago gigantea Asteraceae Vascular plants A2  
Varroa destructor Varroidae Arachnida A3  

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  1. More info about the Invasive Species Environmental Impact Assessment (ISEIA) in the Risk assessments & IAS lists section on the Info-page.[]
  2. Year in which the species was published in the list of EU concern.[]