Neogobius kessleri (Günther, 1861)

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English Bighead goby ISEIA: A2 – Black List
Lëtzebuergesch Kessler-Grondel EASIN
Français Gobie de Kessler Wikipedia: Wikipedia - English - Bighead goby Wikipedia - Deutsch - Kessler-Grundel Wikipedia - Nederlands - Kesslers grondel
Deutsch Kessler-Grundel Wikispecies: Wikispecies - Ponticola kessleri
Nederlands Kesslers grondel Back to the list of vertebrates

Report the species

Report Neogobius kessleri to the National Museum of Natural History.

Brief description

Neogobius kessleri (Günther, 1861) is a fish that occurs in fresh and brackish water, in lower rivers and lagoons, on rocky bottoms or in reed thickets. It is native to the Black Sea.

Status and distribution in Luxembourg

Distribution map of Neogobius kessleri (Günther, 1861) in Luxembourg. Data source: Recorder-Lux, iNaturalist & GBIF, 2020-01-27.

Neogobius kessleri (Günther, 1861) is known to colonise the Luxembourg part of the Moselle river since about 2010. Together with Neogobius melanostomus, the species was sampled regulary in the lower Sauer in recent years; in 2017 it was sampled in the Our (Dohet 2017).

On 27th July 2015, a parliamentary question was raised in the Luxembourg Parliament about the invasion of Neogobius species in the Moselle river. This was echoed in the daily newspaper Tageblatt on the same day (Wildschutz 2015).

The distribution map is incomplete because records still have to be entered into the Recorder-Lux database (MNHNL, iNaturalist & GBIF 2019).

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol: A2 (3+3+3+2) = Black List (Ries et al. 2014: 199).

Natural range and places of introduction in Europe


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