Harmonia axyridis (Pallas, 1773)

English Harlequin ladybird ISEIA: B3 – Watch List
Lëtzebuergesch Asiatescht Himmelsdéierchen EASIN
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Nederlands Veelkleurig Aziatisch lieveheersbeestje Back to the list of invertebrates

Importance and distribution in Luxembourg

Distribution map of Harmonia axyridis (Pallas, 1773) in Luxembourg. Recorder database, MNHNL, 19.05.2019.

The harlequin ladybird has been observed in Luxembourg for the first time on 18th September 2004 by Nico Schneider at Schleifmillen, municipality of Junglinster (Schneider & Loomans 2006). 61 observations are doucumented in the Recorder database (26/01/2018).

The establishment of the species appears to decrease the diversity of native Coccinellidae. Harmonia axyridis can also quickly become a human nuisance when it seeks shelter during the winter months and takes up residency in the walls and insulation of houses and other structures.

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol: B3 (3+2+3+2) = Watch List (Ries et al. 2017: 68).

Bibliography concerning Luxembourg

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