Dicranopalpus ramosus (Simon, 1909)

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English n/a ISEIA: C2
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Report the species

Report Dicranopalpus ramosus to the National Museum of Natural History.

Brief description

Originally the species was found in Morocco. Later it spread into Europe, with first reports in Portugal (1948), where it spread to Spain (1965) and France (1969). The Netherlands were reached in 1992. Since 2004 it is known to occur in Germany. As early as 1957, it was reported in Bournemouth, southern England, from where it spread all over the island, reaching Scotland in 2000. In 2010, one occurrence in Denmark was documented (Wikipedia contributors 2019).

Status and distribution in Luxembourg

Distribution map of Dicranopalpus ramosus (Simon, 1909) in Luxembourg. Data source: Recorder-Lux, iNaturalist & GBIF, 2020-01-27.

Dicranopalpus ramosus (Simon, 1909) was first documented by Dieter Weber on 18 August 2007 in the railway tunnel near Junglinster (MNHNL 2000-).

Currently, 5 records of the species are accessible through the MNHNL-mdata portal (MNHNL, iNaturalist & GBIF 2019).

While it appears to be widespread in the Gutland, the species seems to be largely missing in the Ösling (Muster & Meyer 2014: 38-39).

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol: C2 (2+2+2+1) (Ries et al. 2017: 68).


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