Stictocephala bisonia Kopp & Yonke, 1977

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English Buffalo treehopper Status LU: established. 1st record: 2002.
Lëtzebuergesch Büffel-Zikad Status Eur.: established.
Français Cicadelle bison RA: ISEIA: C2. Harmonia+: n/a.
Deutsch Büffelzikade Wikipedia: Wikipedia - English - Buffalo treehopper Wikipedia - Français - Cicadelle bison Wikipedia - Deutsch - Büffelzikade Nederlands | Wikispecies: n/a (2020)
Nederlands Buffelcicade Back to the list of invertebrates

Report the species

Report Stictocephala bisonia to the National Museum of Natural History.

Brief description

BueffelzikadeStictocephala bisonia Kopp & Yonke, 1977 is a species of treehopper belonging to the subfamily Membracinae. It is also sometimes classified as Ceresa bisonia. This species is native to North America, but now it is widespread throughout southern Europe and it is also present in the Near East and in North Africa. Both adult and immature buffalo treehoppers feed upon sap using specialized mouthparts suited for this purpose. Black locust, clover, elm, goldenrod, and willow are among their favorite food sources. It is also an occasional pest of fruit trees and is harmful to young orchard trees, especially apple trees. It has become an invasive species in some parts of Europe (Wikipedia contributors 2020).

Status and distribution in Luxembourg

Records of Stictocephala bisonia Kopp & Yonke, 1977 in Luxembourg. Data source: Recorder-Lux, iNaturalist & GBIF, 2024-07-14.

Stictocephala bisonia Kopp & Yonke, 1977 was first documented by Robert Biedermann on 15th September 2002 near Remerschen, municipality of Schengen (MNHNL 2000-).

Currently, 61 records of the buffalo treehopper in Luxembourg are accessible through the MNHNL-mdata portal, most of them in the Gutland, the southern half of the country (MNHNL, iNaturalist & GBIF 2021).

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol

C2 (2+1+1+1) (Ries et al. 2017: 69).

Harmonia+ protocol

Not assessed yet.

Worldwide distribution


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