Lasius neglectus Van Loon, Boomsma & Andrásfalvy, 1990

English Invasive garden ant ISEIA: C0
Lëtzebuergesch Vergiesse Weeseechomes EASIN
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Importance and distribution in Luxembourg

Lasius neglectus hasn’t been observed in Luxembourg so far.

The ant species is a recent arrival in Europe. Some of its populations have attained pest status but on other sites, the ant is still in an arrested state, perhaps in the lag-phase, lacking the major characteristics of invaders.

Its negative effects are caused by the enormous numbers of ants tending aphids on trees and the occupation of electrical conduits in homes and gardens.

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol: C0 (3+1+1+1) (Ries et al. 2017: 68).

Bibliography concerning Luxembourg

  • Ries, C., A. Arendt, C. Braunert, S. Christian, A. Dohet, A. Frantz, G. Geimer, M. Hellers, J. A. Massard, X. Mestdagh, R. Proess, N. Schneider & M. Pfeiffenschneider, 2017. Environmental impact assessment and black, watch and alert list classification after the ISEIA Protocol of invertebrates in Luxembourg. Bull. Soc. Nat. luxemb. 119: 63-70. [PDF 360 KB]

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