First detection of the invasive Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus in Luxembourg

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CDC-Gathany-Aedes-albopictus-2The Ministry of Health informs that a population of the invasive Asian tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus has been detected at two locations in the territory of the Commune of Roeser. This first appearance of the tiger mosquito in the Grand Duchy has been confirmed by an international expert in the field. According to current information, this is a limited phenomenon. The tiger mosquito does not move very far and usually does not travel more than a hundred metres from its birthplace.

In the next few days, the Luxembourg authorities, with the support of an expert, will assess the situation, as well as set up a prevention plan and a surveillance and eradication system. The use of insecticides is currently under consideration. However, eradication would be mainly through the elimination of potential habitats.

Communicated on 2022-09-03 by the Ministry of Health: Première apparition du moustique tigre “Aedes albopictus” au Luxembourg

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