Cotoneaster horizontalis Decne.

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Report the species

Report Cotoneaster horizontalis to the National Museum of Natural History.

Importance and distribution in Luxembourg

Distribution map of Cotoneaster horizontalis Decne. in Luxembourg. Recorder-LUX & iNaturalist, 2019.08.26.

The first documented observation of the species in Luxembourg dates from 1984. It was found by Léopold Reichling on 21st September 1984 at Hutbierg (Municipality of Rumelange). The species still seems constrained to urban areas. Because C. horizontalis is commonly used as an ornamental plant, its distribution outside of urban areas may however increase during the next years.

Cotoneaster horizontalis is a small shrub that thrives in man-made habitats such as walls, railway embankments or sand quarries. It can form large spontaneous and self-sustaining populations in dunes, rock outcrops and a wide range of calcicolous grassland communities. The plant is easily dispersed by birds (Source:

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol: C1 (1+2+2+2) (Ries et al. 2013: 18).

Bibliography concerning Luxembourg

  • Ries, C., Y. Krippel, M. Pfeiffenschneider & S. Schneider, 2013. Environmental impact assessment and black, watch and alert list classification after the ISEIA Protocol of non-native vascular plant species in Luxembourg. Bull. Soc. Nat. luxemb. 114: 15-21. [PDF 652 KB]

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