Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill, 1814)

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Report the species

Report Salvelinus fontinalis to the National Museum of Natural History.

Importance and distribution in Luxembourg

Distribution map of Salvelinus fontinalis Mitchill, 1814 in Luxembourg. Recorder-LUX & iNaturalist, 2019.08.26.

The species was introduced in Luxembourg in 1902 in Limbach (Lintgen), Rollingerbach and Berschbach (Feltgen 1902). In 2005, a systematic inventory of Luxembourg rivers only showed isolated individuals in the Alzette. There is no indication of reproduction of the species in Luxembourg.

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol: C1 (1+1+1+1) (Ries et al. 2014: 199).

Bibliography concerning Luxembourg

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Ries, C. & M. Pfeiffenschneider (Eds.), 2019. Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill, 1814). In: - Invasive Alien Species in Luxembourg. URL: [26.08.2019].

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  1. Saibling cf. Klees 1981: 26.