First observation of Impatiens balfourii in Luxembourg

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Impatiens balfourii. Luxembourg, Kirchberg. Photo: Roland Proess, 5 August 2016.

Impatiens balfourii Hook.f. was first observed in Luxembourg in the wild in 2016, on the edge of the Kirchberg plateau by Roland Proess. It is at present considered to be subspontaneous; it may however have the potential to become naturalised in Luxembourg due to climate change.

Yves Krippel & Roland Proess have written a detailed article on the subject which was published in the Bulletin of the Luxembourg Naturalist Society:

  • Krippel, Y. & R. Proess, 2017. Impatiens balfourii Hook.f. (Balsaminaceae), nouvelle espèce subspontanée au Luxembourg ?. Bull. Soc. Nat. luxemb. 119: 55-61. [PDF 2,72 MB]

Impatiens balfourii has been assessed according to the ISEIA protocol by Yves Krippel and Christian Ries: B1, Watch List.

Two other invasive alien balsam species occur in Luxembourg: the Himalayan balsam (Impatiens glandulifera Royle), one of the most common and widespread invasive neophytes in Luxembourg, and the small balsam (Impatiens parviflora DC.), which is widespread in forest ecosystems across Luxembourg.

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