Publication of a leaflet on Ambrosia artemisiifolia

In autumn 2016 the Department for the Environment of the Luxembourg Ministry of sustainable development and infrastructures edited a leaflet in German and French about Ambrosia artemisiifolia, in co-operation with the National Museum of Natural History and efor-ersa ingénieurs-conseils. It can be downloaded here in PDF format (4 MB each).

More information on the Common Ragweed in Luxembourg can be found in a dedicated article on this website.

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Information leaflet on Vespa velutina

Vespa-velutina-flyer-1st-pageThe Asian predatory wasp (Vespa velutina), also known as the Asian Hornet or yellow-legged hornet, is a species of hornet indigenous to Southeast Asia, particularly the tropical regions, from Northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, the Indo-Chinese peninsula and surrounding archipelagos.

As an invader in Europe, the hornet has appeared in France, Spain, Portugal. Further invasions are expected in various countries, including much of Europe.

As it is currently spreading from the south towards the north of France, we expect this wasp species to arrive in Luxembourg quite soon. This is why a leaflet was produced to enable people, and especially bee keepers, to identify the species and report its presence to the authorities.

Download the leaflet in PDF format (3,2 MB) (in German)

The leaflet has been produced by:

  • Ministère du Développement durable et des infrastructures
    • Département de l’Environnement
    • Administration de la nature et des forêts
  • Landesverband fir Beienzuucht
  • natur&ëmwelt
  • Musée national d’histoire naturelle, section d’écologie

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Common ragweed (Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) seeds in bird food in Luxembourg in 2007 and 2012

Ambrosia-in-bird-seed-in-Luxembourg-2012_300pxThis study looks at the presence of common ragweed seeds in bird food in Luxembourg in 2012 and compares the results with an earlier study conducted in 2007. The study has been conducted by Christian Ries, Yan Steil and Patrick Thommes at the Department of Ecology in the National Museum of Natural History in Luxembourg,

The poster was presented on March 16th 2013 at the “XXXe réunion annuelle des collaborateurs scientifiques du Musée national d’histoire naturelle Luxembourg”.

Download the poster in pdf format (1.5 MB)

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