Bunias orientalis L.

English Warty-cabbage ISEIA: C1
Lëtzebuergesch Orientalesch Zackescheekchen EASIN
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Report Bunias orientalis to the National Museum of Natural History.

Importance and distribution in Luxembourg

Distribution map of Bunias orientalis L. in Luxembourg. Recorder-LUX & iNaturalist, 2019.08.26.

The species was first documented in 1949 in Luxembourg. It was found on 25th May 1949 in the Municipality of Mersch (Beck et al. 1950). Since then, 22 additional occurrences have been reported, mainly in the south and the central parts of Luxembourg (08/01/2018). The species seems to expand in the south of Luxembourg into dry grassland biotops with new records at Haut des Saulnes (Rodange), at Roudebierg (Dudelange) and Giele Botter (Niedercorn / Pétange) (Email by Jan Herr, 12/06/2019).

Bunias orientalis spreading into a dry grassland biotop at Haut des Saulnes in Rodange. Photo: Jan Herr, 06/06/2019.

Bunias orientalis, or warty-cabbage, is a fast growing perennial plant needing a lot of light. On nutrient-rich and disturbed soils, the species can build up dense populations quicker than potential competitors. Disturbances favour the species that can also survive in closed vegetation stands unless it is shaded. The plant occurs mainly in ruderal habitats and on road embankments.

Risk assessment

ISEIA protocol: C1 (1+2+1+1) (Ries et al. 2013: 18).

Bibliography concerning Luxembourg

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